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15 October 2010 @ 01:52 am
Subject's Log, Stardate 64252.7  
Here are more screenshots! Really, my life is all math and Minecraft.

This was pretty much found this way; I just replaced a bit of dirt with regular stone. And put a sign on. The sign is not natural.

I decided to make a Mana Tree. This is with just a few trees planted. Today, it looks like this:

And this is far from done. I want to grow out more, not just up, but up is so tempting. All the wood is connected--trees grow in dirt, but when they grow, I replace the dirt with wood, and make sure it's connected to a main trunk somehow. It's tons of fun. And it reaches above the clouds, which... actually is awkward. Clouds make it hard to see! It's like slipping into Silent Hill. With bigger pixels.

In the other game I play, I have a brand new graveyard!

My raptor approves.

And to show what I've been doing to earn in-game coins:

My damage is over nine thousand!

Free Realms is coming to Mac soon! Sooooooon.
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