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2 November 1980
California, United States
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I'm a little wonky sometimes, but that's all right.

I make icons and bases for obsessiveicons -- visit!

I made my moodtheme from Bunny.
I love my rats.
I don't have a religion, just faith.
I hate ignorance, especially if I find it in myself.
I like computers.
I play games of all sorts. I am mainly loyal to Nintendo and PC games.
I love dark games like Resident Evil and Half Life 2.
I also love cute games like Pokemon and Animal Crossing and Subeta.
I write.
I read voraciously.
I spend a lot of time making icons and other graphics.
I met my husband through an online text roleplaying game.
I have horrible eyesight and can't wait to get laser surgery.
I don't look good in most sunglasses. Usually I look like a trucker wannabe.
I think every chick should check into getting a DivaCup or something similar.
I don't want kids, but that doesn't mean I care if you do.
I tend to be very opinionated but only my good friends hear about it in great detail.
I definitely spend too much time online.
I am sadly very uncoordinated and can often be found sporting unsightly bruises.
I agree with Garfield that Mondays are bad, sleep is good, and spiders should be elsewhere.
I love yarn and spend hours weekly knitting.
I often feel like I'm losing the battle against insanity.
I know that all these sentences are self-centered--but it's my userinfo, can you expect any less? At least I didn't inundate you with graphics.


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