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04 October 2010 @ 10:54 pm
You know what's more beautiful than that subject? Life!  
So I have had some free time lately. So I accidentally got addicted to a game. I know, you're all shocked. I never do that! (Shut up.)

But I've heard a ton about Minecraft. I just thought it sounded lame. Turns out, it's lame in a way that is awesome.

Sorry, I forgot to cut out the window dressing. Just pasted them and saved. Ah well.

You go into mines! They are very scary! Down here you can see it's already lit up. Why is it lit up? Liquid hot magma! Don't fall in. Very bad.

This is my little house at sunset. I recently added a second level. The second level has a glass roof. The first level's roof became a balcony. And you can sorta see my towers in the distance.

These are my towers! The one on the left was the first one I made. I wanted something I could easily see from a distance so I could get back to my home base. The world is infinite, so if you go wandering... you'd better know how to get home. (You can make a compass, but I hadn't found any of the magnetic bits at that point. Also, I like towers.) The tower on the right has lava pouring from the top. Who doesn't want a tower full of lava?

Anyway, my things are a little plain--although you can see how much I like torches (light keeps bad things away!). Other people have made really massive structures. I'd like to make something awesome, but I dunno what. What do I make!

Watch this if you want to find out what the game is really like. Although this Penny Arcade strip (and the following day's) really sum it up.

At least watch The Chicken Song. Watch it!
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